About Dr. John P. Sullivan

I am retina specialist in Jacksonville, FL. Since I moved to Jacksonville, FL in the early 1990’s, I’ve been associated with Florida Retina Institute, but have recently formed my own retina practice, Southeastern Retina Specialists, P.C.

Southeastern Retina Specialists, P.C. will allow me to provide retina specialty care to you, but in my own personalized way.

My New Office

Southeastern Retina Specialists, P.C., has been formed to allow me to continue to care for my patients in the Jacksonville, FL community and surrounding areas.

My new office is located on Point Meadows Drive in Jacksonville, FL 32256.  Here is my full contact information.

SouthEastern Retina Specialists, P.C.
John P. Sullivan, M.D.
7740 Point Meadows Dr., Suite 3A
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Experienced Staff

Most important to me is the care your receive while at my new office.  I have extremely specialized staff with years and years of experience taking care of retina patients.

I will hand picking my associates who share in my practice philosophy and care for my patients.

Make an Appointment

Please give us a call to make an appointment.  If you are a former patient, we’ll take care of the process of retrieving your old charts and medical records.

Directions can be given over the phone or you can get directions to SouthEastern Retina Specialists from this webpage.

Please bring your insurance information if this is your first time to our new office, regardless if you have been a patient of mine or you are a new patient.  It is customary for us to check your information with each visit.

We can’t wait to see you!


John P. Sullivan, M.D.
Retina Specialist
Jacksonville, FL 32256